A Joy-filled life, Bible Reading Plan for Philippians


In today’s world, we can become disheartened and discouraged.

Do you long for a joy-filled life? Do you wonder what your life might look like if you could uncover more joy?

What is joy? 

Where can I find it?  

Can joy exist in the midst of sorrow and tragedy?

There are numerous explanations for joy.  As I have experienced joy over the years, my definition changes as I gain a better understanding.  Joy is an emotion deep-seated in your soul. There can be jubilant thrilling moments of joy that can fill our hearts with pure delight and perfect bliss bubbling over into our lives.  Joy can also be a peaceful calm that settles over your soul, even in the depth of immense sorrow.  Joy is a gift we receive from God, in Christ Jesus.  “In your presence, there is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16: 11b

In the book of Philippians, Paul mentions joy five times, and we uncover the word rejoice eleven times! This epistle is often referred to as Paul’s hymn of joy.

Join me as we discover from Paul what it means to live a joy-filled life.

Your time is precious, and so I have designed this study to fit in and around your schedule.  In the midst of your busy life, God will meet with you, in His Word.  God doesn’t ask you to try harder; He invites you to be still in His presence so that He can fill you up with His perfect gifts. In those moments, He will give you peace, joy, and the strength you need to finish out the day.

I’ve created a printable journal for you to use with this Bible Reading plan.  Each page contains the scripture reading for that day and space for you to journal about the passage using the S.O.A.P. Method or you can use your favorite method to study scripture. There will be four teaching videos, one for each chapter. 

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