Learn to Pray through the Psalms

Perhaps you are a bit like me, and you grow weary from your days filled with hurry and hustle.

Do you find yourself longing for calm in the chaos?

You want to spend time with God but your mind feels exhausted, and it is hard for you to focus.

Let’s take some time to learn how to have Peaceful Pauses throughout our day, as we learn to linger in the presence of God.

We will look at our schedules and find places to carve out time to spend with One (Jesus) who loves us more than we can imagine.

Join me as we walk together through twelve of my favorite Psalms. As we take the time to go through one Psalm a week, it will give you time savor God’s Word, and plant it deep in your heart.

I’ve also added a 90 Day Psalm reading plan for those who would like to read a Psalm a day.  You can design this plan for your schedule and your life.  When you sign up for the plan you will receive it in the email I created for you.

King David wrote many of the Psalms, and I love how He is showing us to pour out our hearts before God. Our hearts, souls, and minds carry around so many negative emotions and feelings.  We can learn to pour them out before God, and He will, in turn, fill our hearts souls and minds with His joy, peace, and hope.

Each week you will receive an email from me with these gifts I’ve created especially for you.

  • Link to the Psalm and with directions on how to choose your favorite translation.
  • Journal Page
  • Audio Devotional
  • Reflection Questions
  • A prayer
  • Screen Saver for your phone with a Bible Verse to focus on for the week

You can sign up here: