Defining Moments








As women we get caught up in defining ourselves, by reliving painful or hurtful circumstances.  We bury ourselves under the pain and regret of a million different moments.  Instead of viewing life as a big picture, we are stuck in our feelings of unworthiness.

Scars of sorrow engulf your heart as a friendship dies.  As you look back you wonder what did I do wrong?  The feelings of not being good enough sink into your soul.

Angry words come shooting out of your mouth and they hit the target of your husband’s heart.  As soon as you see the wounded expression in his eyes you desperately wish you could take them back.  Drowning in shame, you wonder if you are lovable.



You are being pulled in a million different directions and you want to have a few minutes of peace and quiet.  You feel a tapping on your shoulder and the words out of your mouth sound sharp and angry.

Sifting through each moment, you hear the pounding of the gavel.  You are guilty!  The glasses of condemnation have clouded your vision on how you see yourself.

There is one defining moment and it erases all of the moments that weigh you down.  Come with me to the foot of the cross and know Jesus took all of those moments and has removed them from you.  As far as the east is from the west, so has he removed your sins from you. Psalm 103:12  Rest in His amazing grace.  Let the love of Christ, define you.  In Jesus you are a new creation.

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