Hope in the darkness


Deep anguish surrounded my heart, as drops of sorrow spilled down my face and left their crimson stain. My pillow had become drenched with grief so deep it could not be spoken.  Racing in a million different directions, my thoughts exhausted me.  Desperately, I begged God to answer my prayers with what I considered a perfect plan to a problem I could not fix.  I could not see another solution.

God, where are you?

Do you see?

Help us!

Short and broken phrases were all I could offer up from my wounded and shattered heart.

Many years have passed from that moment in time.  God did not answer my prayers in the way I had laid out for Him. Darkness tried to permeate my soul and bitterness wanted to wrap its hideous tentacles around my mind, but God surrounded me with His comfort and peace.  “When I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.” Micah 7:8b

When your life changes and the path you take was not in your plan, it takes a while for your mind and heart to catch up to the new reality. In the aftermath of devastation, it was only through the faith God instilled in our hearts we were able to let go of desires and dreams and move forward with Him.  Looking back over the years, we can see how God was always working on our behalf.  

God’s light shined brightly through the darkness.  In the midst of trials we received treasures; friendships, life experiences, and God held us safe in His embrace.

One day my eyes landed upon some verses by Robert Browning Hamilton.  Beautifully written it ignited hope back into my heart.  Sorrow was not a stranger; we had met many times before.  Instinctively, I knew God was going to use this time to strengthen our faith in ways we could not even begin to imagine.  I had traveled this road before, and the steadfast love of God would keep us in His Grace.

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
she chattered all the way.
But left me none the wiser
for all, she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow.
And ne’re a word said she;
but oh, the things I learned from her,
when sorrow walked with me.

Friend, I do not know the challenges you face or sorrows you have been through, but this I do know, God is with you.  You can place all of your concerns and cares into His most capable hands.  When your path is unclear and the problem to great, God will never leave your side.  He will meet you in your sorrow and give you the strength for each moment.


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