Five ways to deal with an anxious mind.

[social_warfare buttons=”Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest”]Do you ever feel worn weary from worrying over the cares of life?  Anxiety can steal sleep, replace rational thinking with irrational, and cause us to miss memory making moments.  I’ve struggled with an anxious mind for most of my life and I’ve found ways to keep it from taking control of my life.

As my boys enter into their teenage years, I have noticed my thought process tends to become more anxious.  My older son his driver’s license and as I watch him drive away my heart starts to race sometimes.  It is important to be aware of your thoughts and notice what makes you feel better.   Here are five ways to help you deal with an anxious mind.

  1. Take a walk outdoors.  When you exercise your brain releases endorphins, and you feel better.  As you spend time outdoors, try and focus on your different senses.  I would recommend focusing on a different one each time.   Let’s take a look at how you might focus on hearing.  This afternoon I went for a walk and I listened carefully to the different sounds.  The wind created a gentle roar as it cascaded over the open fields.  Melodies poured forth from birds in the air, and the tempo from the toads and frogs in the creek bed surrounded me in a symphony of delight.  In the distant background, you could hear the musical notes of rushing water, and the humming of the insects all in joyous celebration of another day.  As you pay attention to the different details it takes your mind off your worries and concerns.  When you get back from your walk spend a few minutes writing down your observations
  2. Spend time in God’s Word.  God loves you more than you can possibly imagine.  When you spend time in His Word, it allows you to focus on Him and to be reminded of what He has done for you.  God meets you right where you are in that moment and accepts you just the way you are.  I would invite you to join my newsletter list, you will receive tools and ideas to help you spend time in God’s word.
  3. Engage the creative part of your mind.  As you spend time being creative it helps you to focus on something else.  It allows your brain to relax, and it allows you to shift your focus.  One of the things I have found to be extremely calming is coloring pages.    Studies have shown that coloring helps you to relax your mind and it is good for relieving stress.  I like to color in the evening while I am watching TV, I have found I sleep better.  Focusing on the Bible Verse helps to plant God’s Word deeper into your heart.  I have fallen in love with Super Doodle Glitter Gel Pens , I love to create designs on my color pages with them.  Find ways to engage the creative part of your mind.
  4. Listen to music.  When I feel anxious, music really helps me to refocus.  Studies have shown that singing makes you feel better too, it doesn’t matter if you sing off key. Recently I have discovered Spotify, it allows you to create playlists of music.  I have created a special music list just for you, and you can find here.  It is easy to set up an account.  Take time to put together different music lists and have them ready for whenever you need them.  Music is powerful and healing.
  5. Write it down or journal.  Do you ever have those nights where you cannot fall asleep because you have the same thoughts running through your mind?  The best thing to do is to get up and write them all down. it is called a brain dump.   When you take the time to write it all down, it releases your mind from thinking about it.  Keep a journal next to your bed, it doesn’t need to be fancy.  I love this journal, Be Still , it has Bible verses on the pages.  There are many different styles to choose from.

May God surround you with His perfect peace as you learn to take all the cares of life and place them into His most capable hands.



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